Our Clean Sport Commitment

Kelly Holmes Education adopts the UK Anti-Doping and World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) position that cheating, including doping, in sport is fundamentally contrary to the spirit of sport and undermines the otherwise positive impact of sport on society.

How We Support Clean Sport:
Sports Performers
  • All participants on Kelly Holmes Education programmes are expected to train and compete in line with the spirit of sport, including the Anti-Doping rules.
  • Every participant on a Kelly Holmes Education programme takes part in UK Anti-Doping awareness workshops and follow up activity to test their knowledge.
  • Kelly Holmes Education encourages all performers to support the 100% me campaign which is about being successful, confident and retaining the values of clean, fair competition.
  • Kelly Holmes Education will uphold any sanctions placed upon an athlete by UK Anti-Doping or other associated body in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code.
Coaches and Tutors
  • All coaches and tutors who participate in Kelly Holmes Education programmes are expected to perform their role in line with the spirit of sport, including the Anti-Doping rules.
  • Kelly Holmes Education is committed to supporting the prevention of doping behaviour in the UK in collaboration with other national sporting bodies.
  • No member of staff will condone, assist or in any way support the use of prohibited substances and methods (unless permitted by a Therapeutic Use Exemption) in any aspects of their work. Any breaches of this or any rules referred to in our own code of practice will be taken very seriously.
  • All members of staff will be expected to contact UK Anti-Doping should they become aware of any participant using or considering the usage of a prohibited substance or prohibited method. This contact should be done in confidence on the dedicated confidential Report Doping in Sport line.


Play Your Part

You can join 100% me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/100percentme.uk

If you would like further information about our Anti-Doping workshops or would like to suggest another workshop area then please contact us at education@doublegold.co.uk

Read more about UK Anti-Doping and WADA online at:
www.ukad.org.uk and www.wada-ama.org


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