Our bespoke delivery covers modules from five key areas of Sport Education: physical, physiological, psychological, emotional and social aspects of sporting performance.

These core areas have evolved to become the foundations of each Kelly Holmes Education Programme, based on the challenges Dame Kelly Holmes faced on her long journey to becoming double Olympic champion. The modules reflect her experiences throughout her transition from junior athlete to Army champion before breaking through on the world stage and ultimately achieving her childhood dreams.

Our wide range of modules has been developed over the past nine years since the launch of our first Sport Education programme, ‘On Camp with Kelly’. We also deliver bespoke Coach Education and Parental Support workshops developed by national leaders in these fields.

The team work closely with our experts to continuously improve our modules and add new content to reflect new ideas and research. Each module is delivered either as a Workshop or as part of a Sport Education Programme, or in some cases both, as indicated. The key also marks those modules that have been accredited by one of our Awarding Bodies.

Key: Accredited A Workshop W Sports Education SE


These modules relate to maximising a sporting performer’s training, either sports specific or a training method which is generic across performance sport.

Physical Modules


These modules explore the long and short term effects of training and conditions on athletes to maximise performance, exploring how athletes can introduce new methods to stay injury free.

Physiological Modules


These modules recognise the importance of mental preparation, covering topics such as goal setting, preparation and how sports people and their support teams deal with success, failure and setbacks.

Psychological Modules


These modules assist and support sports performers to deal with complex issues and challenges in their lives and identifying their crucial support team.

Emotional Modules


These modules teach sports performers important life skills, for example media training, to assist in their sporting and wider non-sporting development.

Social Modules

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