Jaguar Academy of Sport

Programme Aims

The Jaguar Academy of Sport is a long term commitment by Jaguar to British sport. The unique Mentoring and Education Programme is at the core of Jaguar's support for the next generation of sporting talent, covering all aspects of what it takes to be world class.

About This Programme

Kelly Holmes Education joined forces with the Jaguar Academy of Sport in 2010 to deliver a Mentoring and Education Programme for the annual bursary recipients, named 'Rising Stars'.

The Mentoring and Education Programme provides each Rising Star with a comprehensive learning experience and a chance to learn first hand from top British sportsmen and women. The programme caters for the varying needs of the Rising Stars, their parents/carers and coaches, recognising the importance of developing knowledge across the Rising Star's own personal support team.

We have now introduced a competitive system with participants earning points throughout the year towards their teams based on their engagement in the programme.

Year 1
  • 2 Talent Days (Presenting Yourself to the Media, Building a Successful Team)
  • 3 Workshop Days (Looking after your Body, Anti-Doping & Financial Planning, Coping with Injury)
Year 2
  • 2 Talent Days (External Influences on Performance, Building a Successful Team)
  • 4 Workshop Days (Anti-Doping & Financial Planning, Coping with Injury, Body and Mind, Moving into High Performance Sport)
Year 3
  • 2 Talent Days (Coping with Injury, Looking after Your Body & Mind)
  • 3 Workshop Days (External Influences on Performance, Being World Class, Building a Successful Team)
Year 4
  • Launch Day (Media Training)
  • 5 Talent Days (Moving into World Class, Competition Simulation Event, Coping with Injury, Patron/Ambassador Master Class Day, Human Performance Laboratory)

50 Rising Stars are selected each year through nominations by their National Governing Body to SportsAid. The Mentoring and Education Programme also supports their parents/carers and coaches.


The following workshops were delivered in Year 3 of the programme alongside Q&A sessions and master classes with Jaguar Academy of Sport Patrons and Ambassadors:

  • UK Anti-Doping
  • Media Training
  • What it takes to be World Class
  • Being in a World Class Environment
  • Mentally preparing to be World Class
  • Sponsors and Agents
  • Eat for Success Theory
  • Eat for Success Practical
  • Causes and Consequences of Low Energy Availability
  • Mind Training
  • Biomechanics ‘imovefreely’ Exercises
  • How to be an Effective Parent
  • My Team
  • Circuit Training
  • Mind Training for Injury
  • Physiotherapy Approach to Injury
  • Self-Massage
  • Goal Setting





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